Dashboard Lights: What They Mean and How to Fix Them

Do you pay attention to your dashboard lights? You should! These lights generally come on when your vehicle is trying to alert you of an issue. Ignoring these lights could only lead to expensive and/or permanent damage. 


Below, we’ve described some common dashboard lights, what they mean, and how to fix the problem your car is experiencing. Take a look! 


Engine Temperature Warning Light 

If this warning light comes on, then your car’s engine temperature has increased past the recommended degree. This light usually means that your vehicle is overheating, but not always. The engine temperature sensor could also be damaged. Regardless, an overheating engine can cause serious problems. It’s better to be safe than sorry. When this warning light comes on, it’s best to avoid driving your vehicle until it’s looked at and given the clear by a professional technician. 


Oil Pressure Warning Light 

Your vehicle requires the proper amount of oil and oil pressure to run smoothly. When the oil becomes dirty or contaminated, you can experience oil pressure problems. This can also occur due to damage to the oil pump or filter. When the oil pressure falls below the threshold, your warning light will be triggered. This warning should be taken very seriously and checked out as soon as possible. 


Battery Charging Warning Light 

This warning light may not be as serious as the two examples listed above, but it should still be taken seriously. When your battery charging warning light comes on, it means that your car battery is running low on cranking amps or volts. Amps start the car and volts power the headlights, radio, and other accessories. Additionally, this light could indicate a fault with the charging system, including a dead alternator or damaged charging wires. To address the warning adequately, contact a professional auto repair shop.


Brake Warning Light 

First things first, when this warning light comes on, make sure your parking brake isn’t engaged. If it’s not, then you could be running low on brake fluid or have a mechanical issue with your brakes. You don't want to be driving around on bad brakes. Therefore, consider replacing your brake pads and/or rotors. A technician can tell you if this is necessary and will fix the issue.


Check Engine Light 

It’s difficult to determine why your check engine light has come on, as there are many possible sources. For example, you could be facing a simple fix, like a faulty sensor. However, the problem could be more severe, such as a damaged internal engine component. Again, you won’t be able to know for certain until the automobile is looked at by a skilled technician. To be on the safe side, when this warning light comes on, consider visiting your local auto shop.


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