How to Save Gas

Today, with the rising price of gasoline, you may be searching for creative ways to make your fuel last a little longer. The obvious solution, drive less, may not be a realistic option for you. Don’t worry, though: We’ve put together a list of helpful (and more realistic) tips to consider trying. Take a look! 


Watch Your Speed, Drive Steady 

Did you know that driving fast can increase drag, leading to an increase in fuel consumption? Additionally, if your speed isn’t kept at a consistent pace, you could find yourself using more gas than normal. When you can, consider using cruise control. 


Monitor Your Braking 

Just like it's important to pay attention to your speed, it's equally as important to pay attention to when and how you brake. Specifically, try to avoid braking excessively, as doing so wastes gas. 


Turn the Engine Off 

It doesn’t matter how fast the errand is or how quickly you plan on resuming your drive—when your car isn’t actually in Drive, turn it off. Excessive idling is a huge waste of fuel. Not to mention, if you leave your vehicle running and unattended, you run the risk of getting it stolen. 


Be Mindful of Where You Fill Up 

It doesn't make sense to drive ten miles out of your way to save a couple of cents on the price of gas. However, it does make sense to be mindful of where you’re filling your tank. For example, if you can, avoid gas stations by the highway, as their gas is usually the most expensive. 


Don’t Delay Filling Up 

Let’s face it: There is nothing fun or exciting about filling up your gas tank, especially now. Yet, waiting till the absolute last minute to fill your tank isn’t your best bet. If you wait until you are desperate for fuel, you’ll get stuck paying for whatever gas you can find nearby, and it could be higher than in other places. Therefore, when you can, fill your tank up whenever and wherever you notice gas is on the cheap(er) side. 


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