Say Goodbye to Interior Microbes and Odors with Ozone Treatment

If you’ve ever spilled food or drinks in your car (or left your lunch in there for a couple of days) you probably know that vehicles really have a way of trapping smells. That can be a good thing when it’s the fragrance of your favorite air freshener… not so much if it’s the odor of moldy food! Some smells just have a way of lingering, no matter how much you try to scrub or deodorize. That’s where you need something a little more powerful, like an ozone generator.

What is an Ozone generator?

Ozone generators (also called “ozone machines”) generate ozone (O3). This is sometimes referred to as activated oxygen. Ozone is a natural air cleansing agent. The most widely recognized occurrence of it in nature is the earth’s ozone layer, but ozone is also formed during thunderstorms and in waterfalls. Have you ever noticed the characteristically fresh scent lingering after a thunderstorm or while standing by a waterfall? This is caused by the formation of ozone. When ozone encounters another compound, one oxygen atom will break away and attach itself to the compound, breaking it down.

When ozone is pumped into your vehicle, it kills microbes while eliminating their accompanying odors. Ozone is also great for getting rid of tough to remove odors like tobacco smoke and neutralizing allergens. It’s not something many of us think about, but vehicle interiors are just as prone to having pathogens and pollutants as any other enclosed space. In fact, studies conducted by microbiologists suggest the average car interior may be worse than even public bathrooms!

Ozone generators are used for:

  • Killing microbes like viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • Removing mold from seats, trim, headliner, or even the car’s air conditioning system
  • Treating vehicles that have become waterlogged or mildewy from flooding or leaks
  • Reducing or eliminating tobacco smoke odors
  • Treating tough, persistent odors in the vehicle from food or pets

Depending on the type of odor, ozone treatment generally takes under 30 minutes, although especially tough odors might require more than one treatment to eliminate the odors entirely. If you’d like to learn more about ozone treatment or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 707-800-4586!

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