Signs Your Transmission Is Failing

Are you currently experiencing car trouble? Could it be your transmission? You don’t have to be too knowledgeable about automobiles to understand that a vehicle requires a properly functioning transmission to run smoothly. 


Below, we've put together a list of warning signs that could indicate the car trouble you experience is due to a faulty transmission. Take a look! 


Odd Burning Smells 

Again, you don’t have to be a mechanic to understand that when driving your car, you shouldn’t smell anything burning. A burning smell should raise a huge red flag. You never want the transmission fluid to start burning, as this could lead to expensive and permanent damage. If you do notice an odd burning smell, do not continue to drive your vehicle. Instead, visit an auto shop. 


Check Engine Light Comes On

To be fair, your check engine light can come on for myriad reasons—but one of those reasons is because something is "off" with your transmission. Specifically, your automobile's onboard computer constantly monitors the performance of the transmission, and the various sensors can detect a transmission problem, triggering the check engine light. A skilled and professional technician can identify—and fix—the issue.


Strange Noises 

A transmission that functions properly should deliver a quiet, whisper-like performance. When the transmission pump begins to fail or becomes clogged, it may start to hum loudly or even whine. It’s always better to investigate the strange noises quickly, as doing so could save you time and money. 


Low Fluid Level 

If your car is leaking a reddish fluid in your driveway, check your transmission fluid level. To do this, the engine of your vehicle must be running. A low level of transmission fluid proves that you do have a leak. A simple fix could be replacing the pan gasket. However, it’s best to take your automobile to a professional, just to be sure. Driving around with a low level of transmission fluid could result in further damage. 


Additionally, transmission fluid should always have a transparent appearance. If your transmission fluid looks charred, milky, or has the presence of metal flakes, then it needs to be flushed. 

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