The Importance of Tire Rotations

Tires are constantly “rotating” as they travel down the road, but tire rotation refers to a type of maintenance where the position of each tire is changed periodically. Although tire rotation intervals can vary based on your vehicle, they’re typically recommended about every 5,000 miles. 


Why Are Tire Rotations Needed?

Tire rotations are necessary—and important—for several reasons. First, the front tires wear more quickly than the rear tires. This is because it’s the front wheels that do the turning, which means they’re exposed to more friction. Rotating your tires helps to spread the rate of tread wear more evenly, maximizing their road life. Fresh new tire tread tends to wear more unevenly, so it’s especially important to rotate new tires by the time they hit 5,000 miles. 


Another reason to rotate your tires is that it keeps the tread depth uniform so you can have consistent traction and handling. Uneven tread depth can affect cornering, braking performance, and the overall safety of your car—particularly in the winter. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, rotating the tires will also help reduce stress and wear on the drive train. 


Finally, regular tire rotations allow our technicians to give your tires a thorough visual inspection for signs of damage and wear that might not be apparent otherwise. We’ll also check the air pressure and tread depth, and rebalance them if you’re having issues with vibration while driving. 


Schedule a Tire Rotation at RPM Automotive Services

If you’ve noticed your tires are wearing unevenly or losing pressure more quickly than they should, or your vehicle is vibrating more than usual, schedule an appointment at RPM Automotive Services. While these are common signs of needing a tire rotation, they can also indicate other issues, such as improper alignment or worn suspension. Contact us today at (707) 800-4586 or request an appointment online. 

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