Customer Reviews - Curtis | Rpm Automotive Services

My car came in badly tuned. In a state of disarray.As the first dyno pull showed. The Dyno Tech took his time and anylized the graphs on the dyno for what needed to be addressed. Each following dyno pull, the car responded better and better. The final product is that my car is running beyond my wildest dreams. She purrs like a kitten at idle and when you push the loud pedal she runs like a rocket. She is running so much better than I could have ever wished for. They also gave me a tune on the conservative side, which will protect the motor, and give me many miles of trouble free fun driving. Which I also wanted.

This was all possible by Martin’s extensive experience and Jason’s care to detail.It was a great experience for me.One that could have been very stressful.But my car was treated as if she was a $ 500,000 Ferrari. And for me that is priceless. I will recommend RPM and the DYNO-TUNING services to everyone that is looking for a knowledgeable staff and attention to detail shop for their car.

I’m a RPM customer for life. I’m very happy that I was referred to Martin and RPM.

Thanks again,


Customer Reviews - Joe Khan | Rpm Automotive Services

After checking online, I came across RPM Dyno Tuning in Rohnert Park. I spoke to Brad regarding my particular wants, and set up an appointment to get my 05 GTO performance tuned. Brad asked me what I wanted to achieve, and then he set up the car accordingly.

The initial results were fantastic! Brad had me drive the car for a few days, and then fine tuned it based on my request. I must say, the car drives amazing! Not just faster; the shift points are firm and well timed based on my driving habits. Power is right were it’s needed.

It was money well spent, and I know it was done right!

Thank you Brad and the staff at RPM,

Joe Khan Santa Rosa, Ca.

Customer Reviews | Rpm Automotive Services

I have to say that when I read of others who have had problems with my kind of set up, due to “other” shops, I count my blessings that I was referred to you. The car is a blast to drive. I have also noticed that HP is definitely a drug. Now I want more, but I also realize that I have reached the safety limit of the lower end. I couldn’t be more pleased with all the work and the incredible tuning you have done.

Thanks again Brad for the incredible work you all did.

Customer Reviews - Doug Daher | Rpm Automotive Services

I will always thank the team at RPM for the maintenance and service of my Ford F250. And also the high performance work on my Shelby GT500. I will continue to use RPM for all my auto needs.

Thanks again,

Doug Daher

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