Q Which Octane Should I Use? REGULAR — MIDGRADE — PREMIUM —

A Read this article to learn more>>>

Q How do I pick out the right cam for my engine?

A Finding the right cam for your engine can be difficult. There a few questions that need to be answered prior to coming up with the right choice for your application. Bigger is not better in most cases. Call us or your engine builder for input on this, it will make a big difference if you choose wisely the first time.

Q How much will it cost to build my engine?

A The cost will be determined by

  1. Determine what your budget is for your project, very important. (how much can you spend)
  2. What are you going to use the engine for, I.E.: race, street, strip/street etc.
  3. How much work (if any) are you going to do yourself.
  4. Quality of parts used will be one of the largest expenses.
  5. Quality of labor (choose your engine builder carefully) ask for references etc.
  6. Right down all the accessories you will need, your engine builder should help you.
  7. Take all your notes, put prices to them and add it up.


Q When I dyno my car on the chassis dyno, what is the h.p at the crank?

A This is a question that we are asked every time we put a car on the dyno. Generally this question is too illusive to answer with any accuracy. Drive train friction, tire friction. oil viscosities and other mass contribute to the parasitic losses as the power is transfered to the wheels. The only way to know for sure is to dyno the engine prior to installation into the car. But our Question to you is why does it matter? The only thing in our opinion is what makes it to the ground, this is what pushes the car forward anyway.. If you tune the car for peak power and torque at the wheels, that will be the best that it will be, all other power numbers will be just inflated numbers for your conversation.. Sorry for that little dose of reality...

Q How much did the Dyno cost?

A The initial cost of the the Dyno was approx. 30,000.00, The cost to build the pit to install it in the ground was approx. 10,000.00, and the other related components such as computer related stuff was 1500.00, the other support equipment was an estimated 4,000.00.. This brings the cost’s to approx. 45,500.00.. The dyno weighed 7700 lbs at time of shipment..

Q Why should I balance my engine and related components?

A If you want to have an engine that is free from vibrations through-out the rpm range then you should consider balancing. Engine balancing also contributes to the longer life of engine components and increased horsepower due to the fact that all of the components are working together or in harmony with each other..

More questions to come soon as we get more questions asked or as we think of additional ones.. Rpm Engines & Machine

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